I would like to introduce you to JUNIOR the up coming  project of the american song writer Ian Fischer and the electro producer Fabian Kalker. They have been secretly working on their album in studio and are now ready to hit the stage of the GRETCHEN on the 5th of September for  an exclusive and explosive live for the Berlin Music Week opening!

I am in love! Did I told you that I am in love with Junior?! The music of Junior is not only catchy, but it is rich with musical, literary, and cultural allusions.  There are clear musical references to Depeche Mode and Joy Division in a drumbeat or The Police and The Beatles in a guitar riff with a touch of Damon Albarn here and Danger Mouse there.  Hidden in the lyrics are references to the works of T.S. Eliot and Erich Fromm, just to name a few.  These references are intertwined with direct and honestly phrased allusions to contemporary urban life as a young artist swimming and sometimes sinking in Spaßkultur.  But these guys don’t take themselves too seriously all of the time. Though those lyrics hiss at the superficiality of a bourgeois bohemia, they also ironically acknowledge the fact that JUNIOR itself is a part of it.

How did they meet?

Was it when the cops closed down that party in KreuzKölln? While waiting for the first train at Alexanderplatz? A mutual friend? A Craiglslist ad? At Berghain? Perhaps they were competing for the affections of a certain young lady who was flying to Barcelona the next morning? Or maybe all of the above…

Junior_Press_1_by_MariusFluchtSo what actually happens when a French/German producer whizkid crosses paths with an American singer/songwriter in the murkiest depths of Berlin? What do you call it? Whatever it was, they decided to meet the very next evening at Kalker’s studio and hammer out a few tunes. No big expectations. Off the cuff. Spur of the moment. I see a beat box and an old Wurlitzer electric piano with a few broken keys. An electric guitar. Late-night observations scribbled onto beermats. An old bullet-mic was lucky enough to catch the powder burns and there was just enough space on the hard disc. Ian Fisher is from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi. Population: 4,411. If you’re looking for action, you’ve come to the wrong place. A young man from the American heartlands buys a oneway ticket from St. Louis to Europe via Chicago O’Hare. He’s already a budding songwriter and he’s yearning to escape the otherwise overwhelming pull of Americana: I heard that Berlin is pretty cool. Fabian Kalker was schooled in a Swiss music academy, then unschooled in the clubs of London and Berlin, where he honed his chops and paid his dues with a handful of bands and DJs. Theater music paid the rent and it was a nice opportunity to meet aspiring young actresses, but he was always more interested in the sound of the underground, in beats, in grooves.  He set up a project studio with a handful of vintage gear. You don’t need much if it’s the right stuff.

Who played what? Who bought the drinks?

JUnior_Press_3.by_MariusFluchtjpgWhat about the girl? None of that really matters. Fisher sings his lyrics alternating between the coy charm of a Harry Nilsson and the reptilian smirk of a Mark Bolan. But he’s cool enough to know that he isn’t THAT cool, which makes him SO much cooler. Kalker’s beats are crisp and to the point. The chord-changes are just clever enough to keep you on your toes. There’s enough ear-candy floating around to make these otherwise skeletal tracks feel finished. Like a t-shirt that’s torn in all the right places. Like a carnation in the ashtray. Like finding the right song when you turn on the radio.

Their remix of  “I don’t listen much ” by Mercury is now out on Gomma Records.

Text is by Alexander Paulick and Junior and the pictures credits are by Marius Flutch



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