KALDEWEI releases ALYGIA Set @ 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin as exclusive Audio Content

#FridayGroove – Berlin’s celebrated DJ’s raised the roof with the SOUND WAVE – on the Kaldewei website and on the YouTube channel. ALYGIA alias Giannina Haupt and Alyssa Cordes play at the hottest clubs around the world. Exclusively for KALDEWEI they raised the roof with the SOUND WAVE bathtub with R&B, house, and dance at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin.

www.kaldewei.com // www.instagram.com/kaldewei

Connect with ALYGIA: @alyssa_cor @gia_escobar

The bathroom becomes a dance floor and the steel enamel bathtub is transformed into a high-quality speaker: The bathroom audio system, which is compatible with all bathtub models from KALDEWEI, is installed together with the bathtub and reproduces any form of audio files via Bluetooth® from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC – just like ALYGIA. The hip Berlin DJanes made their debut last year with the Clublife anthem “Remember me” and are celebrated internationally for their mixes.

How awesome the duo’s sets can be has convinced not only club-goers and dance floor Caballeros all over the world, but also luxury brands such as Prada and Karl Lagerfeld. According to the lifestyle magazine “Esquire”, ALYGIA 2020 was among the coolest DJanes in the world.

That is why they are bringing the dance floor into the heart of the bathroom and will raise the roof with the Sound Wave bathtub and their beats at the 25hours Bikini Berlin. Kaldewei is now making the hot dance tracks in the playlist available on the KALDEWEI website and YouTube channel as exclusive Audio Content – for #easydancing and #listeningagainandagain in the bathroom or wherever good music is in demand right now.