Part 1. During #BerlinFashionWeek KALTBLUT presented the new AW16 collections from NICO SUTOR – LEAF – KAI GERHARDT – ATELIER BARTAVELLE at Happy Shop Global Alliance during a one hour fashion installation. All photos by Sebastian Pollin. Special thanks to our models and the team for an amazing event. Hair and make up by Pascale Jean-Louis and Steffi Röske

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Kaltblut Happy Shop 1Kaltblut Happy Shop 75 Kaltblut Happy Shop 78LEAF – function supports design.

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Kaltblut Happy Shop 88Kaltblut Happy Shop 68 Kaltblut Happy Shop 67Kaltblut Happy Shop 43Kaltblut Happy Shop 24 Kaltblut Happy Shop 22As a statement against the throwaway society, LEAF gives their styles an extra value to make the styles more special and unique. The excellent workmanship supports the idea of keeping a style for longer – enjoying their values every day. The aim of LEAF is to let the customer easily achieve little differences in the look – by themselves. They can reverse a style or zip things on and off, wrap, button, unbutton… LEAF cooperates with local resources for production. With their knowhow of excellent workmanship and patternmaking we achieve the best outcome for our customers. www.leaf-fashion.com


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Kaltblut Happy Shop 72 Kaltblut Happy Shop 71Kaltblut Happy Shop 19Kaltblut Happy Shop 12 Kaltblut Happy Shop 15The Berlin based fashion label Nico Sutor was founded in April 2011. The label creates fashion for both men and women as well as matching accessories and jewellery.
The collections consist of androgynous and minimalist jersey basics, which unite a variety of advanced handcrafting, cutting and draping techniques, expressing the essence of the garments and the skill of the workmanship. www.instagram.com/nicosutorfashion

Kai Gerhardt – Kai Gerhardt is a Berlin based Fashion designer who mostly work with black and white.

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Kaltblut Happy Shop 54 Kaltblut Happy Shop 56Kaltblut Happy Shop 41Kaltblut Happy Shop 36 Kaltblut Happy Shop 32The design of his garments is based on his own fabric creation, which gives his collection a very strong and unique touch. His graduate collection “put your lights on” is about the fight between light and darkness – the monster has been hiding under our bed when the night comes down while we have also been carrying them all life long. www.kaigerhardt.com

Atelier Bartavelle – France.

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Kaltblut Happy Shop 53 Kaltblut Happy Shop 55Kaltblut Happy Shop 61 Kaltblut Happy Shop 60 Kaltblut Happy Shop 59 Kaltblut Happy Shop 58Atelier Bartavelle offers a minimalist wardrobe composed of outer garments and layers. Vests, jackets, perfectos, trench coats and coats are thus available in high quality materials in a wide range of colors that span the seasons. Inspired by the Bartavelle, a partridge native to the south of France, the brand is marked by a relation to the sea; its indigo blue, its sails and its luminosity. It plays with cuts and layering to create a resolutely contemporary look. All of our pieces are made in Europe in Marseille and Porto. www.atelierbartavelle.com


Photography by Sebastian Pollin www.sebastianpollin.com / @Instagram
Hair and make up by Pascale Jean-Louis and Steffi Röske
Location: Happy Shop Global Alliance