KALTBLUT Magazine Fashion Award 2015 Winner: Patrick De Pádua

During the last edition of Fashionclash Festival Maastricht 2015 KALTBLUT hosted for the very first time the KALTBLUT Magazine Fashion Award 2015. We are proud to introduce you to the winner: Patrick De Pádua. The Portugal based designer is one of the biggest talents in the fashion world at the moment. His designs are outstanding and incredibly well made. It was not easy to pick the winner of our very first fashion award.


Patrick De Pádua, Marcel Schlutt and Laurens Hamacher during the Award Show

I had already seen Patrick De Pádua´s collection during ModaLisboa where he was chosen by the makers of Fashionclash to present his AW15-16 collection in Maastricht. Patrick De Pádua knows who his customers are. He knows how important this is to build a brand nowadays. His designs are ready to enter the market worldwide. And I will be one of his customers, for sure. Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to introduce you to Patrick De Pádua. Including the AW15-16 campaign “PROMISES” and lookbook. He is living proof that Portugal is ready to take over the world.

Patrick De Pádua – Campaign FW 15/16

KALTBLUT: Hi Patrick! Congratulations – You’re the first winner of KALTBLUT Fashion Award ever! And welcome to the KALTBLUT family. Can you remember what you thought when we called out your name?

PATRICK: Uffff … I thought for a moment and asked Tiago Miranda from ModaLisboa: Have I really won? and he said YEAH … and I actually only remember my heart speeding like crazy all the time. It was actually a happy moment for me.



KALTBLUT: We met in Maastricht during Fashionclash Festival and got to know each other. And I had already fallen in love with your work as a designer in Portugal. How important is a fashion festival like Fashionclash for a young designer like you?

PATRICK: It is very important to me. My expectations are never really high in anything and you can’t describe how good it is to come from Portugal to Holland to show my work. It is also great for our self-confidence regarding our work and it is also very important for all young fashion designers because we feel our work is appreciated.



KALTBLUT: During ModaLisboa, you already got invited to Maastricht by the creators of Fashionclash. This is to show that your Menswear collection is getting fans. Tell us something about your collection AW15-16. What is your inspiration for this collection?

PATRICK: The inspiration for this collection was a love of 7 years that shattered and fell apart in one day and I really wanted to show how I had been feeling. Everything about this collection had to be perfect from the music to the model, all the clothes in this collection had something to do with longing, but not in an obvious way. This Collection was a farewell letter to my big love.


KALTBLUT: I’m a big fan of your color choices. Black / Orange .. And I love the green coat. What is your favorite piece of the collection?

PATRICK: I also love the green jacket! It weights almost 10 kg, but what I love most in my collection is the orange coat – it has to look like a sleeping bag!



KALTBLUT: I think it’s really cool that your collection is ready to go directly to stores. And I see it in Berlin, London and New York. Who is the typical Patrick De Pádua customer? Who should wear your fashion?

PATRICK: All my Collections are always designed to go from the catwalk directly to the stores. Yes, the typical customer should feel comfortable in my clothes, young, modern and should have a strong personality.

KALTBLUT: For a designer from Portugal you have created a fall / winter collection that’s screaming downright cold and winter. Is this not untypical for Portugal? Or have you had the international market in mind from the start?

PATRICK: Winter in Portugal is not always warm, there are cold day, but yes, I have not really thought about whether the clothing in this collection was too hot, but yeah, this collection is not aimed at Portuguese climate conditions. I would be lyingif I said I had the international market in mind though. I had only one thing in my head: I want to show what I like and how I had felt.



KALTBLUT: I noticed particularly positively that you do understand how to present yourself and your label. Placing the logo, styling .. everything to the point. How important is it for a young designer to consider this right from the start?

PATRICK: As a young designer I always make sure everything is to the point. I have to love everything. If I don’t love it, why would others do so?

KALTBLUT: Could you tell us a little about your background ?! I know you are not a native of Portugal come . How did Patrick De Pádua grow up?

PATRICK: Hihihih …. I was born in Liechtenstein and lived there for 12 years before I returned to Portugal. The first couple of years were a bit difficult for me because I could not speak Portuguese but I would never go back now.


KALTBLUT: Have you always wanted to do fashion? And can you still remember your first self-designed piece? What was it, and for whom?

PATRICK: No, I always wanted to be a cook in fact, I studied for 2 years in Faro (Algarve) as a cook but I found it a bit boring and then I trained for 3 years as a fashion designer in Lisboa at school (MODATEX).



KALTBLUT: Here at KALTBLUT, we love your current fashion film. With whom have you worked together? And what was the inspiration for the film?

PATRICK: For my fashion film I’ve worked with “PAPION SILVA”, I wanted to have the best in Lisbon because I love all fashion films from him. I told him to just have a look at my collection and do whatever he wanted to. I have not told him I want this and that, I do not want that, I just wanted to see what he brings out from my collection.

KALTBLUT: We are delighted to work with you. And to present your label here in Germany and internationally. We are planning exciting things with you. Have you ever been to Berlin? And what do you know about the fashion world here?

PATRICK: I always wanted to go to Berlin, I do not know why, but I identify 100% with Berlin. I don’t now really much about the fashion world in Berlin and what the guys in Berlin wear but I think with the mix of cultures, there are certainly many alternatives and I like that.



KALTBLUT: Thanks for the interview .. Our readers will learn a lot more about you in the coming months. Do you have a tip for young designers out there who want to live the same dream that you live?

PATRICK: I think every  young fashion designer has the same dream as me, to bring their brand as far as they can now.

Lookbook AW15-16













Interview by Marcel Schlutt / Translation by Amanda M Jansson
Special Thx to Fashionclash Maastricht and ModaLisboa

Contacts: @Facebook / Patrick de Pádua: patrick_padua@hotmail.com / instagram.com/patrickdepadua/