KALTBLUT meets the HOMO boys

So last year I asked our KALTBLUT readers the question ‘What do you get when you mix Mean Girls, Paris Hilton, Pokemon and Sailor Moon with a couple of beefy hot dudes?’ The answers were new Queer label on the block HOMO, a cute and defiant T-shirt brand created and founded by two handsome HOMO’s named Karl and Orestes. Fast forward to 2020 (also known as the apocalypse), I catch up with the HOMOtastic duo to talk T-shirts, couple goals, celebrity thruples and being a diverse multicultural brand with a Queer as fuck endgame. The interview is taken from our new digital issue.

KALTBLUT: It’s been almost a year since I interviewed you guys, tell me what you’ve been up to since then?

K: Omg its been a year already?! We’ve been really busy! We’ve reached a 700 sales milestone on our online store *yay*, extended our colour bases to pink and black with new vinyl prints, designed two new collections one for Autumn/Winter and a brand new super fun Daddy collection, AND we have a few new artist collaborations coming up!

O: Also, this is a KALTBLUT exclusive! We have a very cool collection dropping soon. It’s called Drag Mouth. It’s a sassy collection of statement tees capturing the energy and drama of Drag Race.

KALTBLUT: Wow, that is busy. I’m sweating rainbows just thinking about it. Now for those who may not be familiar, describe HOMO in a few words.

O: Playful, Zero Fucks, Inclusive, Queer Culture.

KALTBLUT: You created HOMO together and we didn’t touch on it in great detail last time, but you guys are basically a virtual power couple! How does it feel to be the gay t-shirt version of Brangelina? *round of applause.

K: We would like to thank the academy for this award… no fuck that! We don’t really see ourselves that way. People often associate big social following that acquaints to fame but we don’t feel any different to when we started.

O: We just wanted to put something out there that we love and believe in, t-shirts that people will wear and enjoy, unique. Something you don’t find in chain stores.

KALTBLUT: What would your power couple name be? Personally, I think it should be K.O. As in KnockOut (Karl&Orestes). *Insert double fist emoji.

K: LOOOOL omg we totally thought about it years ago and it is K.O actually because we thought it had a nice ring to it *ding ding* pun intended.

KALTBLUT: If you could become a power thruple with one famous male who would you pick? Why?

O: If we’re talking style, then Cody Fern. If we’re talking purely on looks, then Arnie in his Mr Olympia days

KALTBLUT: Woof. I need a moment. What is it like working side by side as you both come from different backgrounds in terms of your experiences, aesthetics and tastes?

O: We always say that we’re two parts of the same brain coming together to create what we do. Karl has a more underground aesthetic that brings geek, gaming and anime references.

K: Orestes is more of a luxury polished aesthetic that brings music, TV and Film and 80’s – 90’s cartoons to the table. We’re both OBSESSED with bubblegum K-pop groups!

KALTBLUT: How do you solve creative disagreements? Spill the tea! Who’s shadier? :P *hisses snake.

K: At first it was hard to put our egos aside and trust each other, we’re both experts in our own fields and are used to managing and educating people on a daily basis to reach and match our vision and quality standards. We had to learn to listen and trust each other which took a hot minute! I mean we’re two Leos what do you expect?!

KALTBLUT: What do you love/enjoy about working together?

O: Being lucky enough to find a guy to share your life with is one thing, but to find a man to build an empire with is an amazing feeling. The most exciting part is that this could be our legacy.

KALTBLUT: OK stop, I will legit cry. You talked about HOMO having a zero fucks attitude and being a very relatable brand, how do you think you have achieved this?

O: HOMO is relatable because we created something that we felt was missing to give it to people like us.  We embrace all cultures and ethnicities and genders in our everyday life so that comes out in our label.

K: Our house is multicultural, we are a mixture of Maltese-British and Greek-Cypriot

We’ve always been the outcasts, never really fitted in with society or social groups and that’s why people resonate with HOMO because they have finally found their tribe, a place where they can express themselves without judgement and look cute doing it!

KALTBLUT: What’s your favourite design from the new collection?

K: We’re are really excited about the new artist collaborations! We’re obsessed with the designs, we definitely think that they fit in with our brand but and at the same time add a new flavour. We believe that there is a design in the mini-collections for everyone.

O: Also the Drag Mouth collection.  OMG! The Work and Slay tees are written in text as if it was written on the workroom mirror with lipstick by one of the Queens.

KALTBLUT: Sounds super cute AF! Can you spill any details about any other upcoming collections?

K: We’re developing the idea of offering our customers a range of accessories to be paired with our range and add that extra flair to their wardrobe.

O: We’re also expanding our colour palette and possibly some new silhouettes.

KALTBLUT: So a full HOMO lewk. Speaking of leaks, if your house was on fire and you could save only one item of clothing from your wardrobe right now, what would it be and why this particular item? Don’t worry no HOMOs were harmed in this theoretical scenario.

K: My House of Holland x UMBRO long sleeve tee because I like nothing more than a high-end/streetwear collab. The contrast between high-end and street is very inspiring to me.

O: My Versace Gold Ring – Its the perfect accessory but mostly because of its an anniversary gift from Karl.

KALTBLUT: Seriously, stop trying to make me cry already! What was the last meme you looked at?

K: Regina George saying ‘Sanitise your Fucking Hands’.

O: Carrie Bradshaw writing on her computer and contemplating ‘As I went out of my house without gloves and a facemask I couldn’t help but think to my self. I’m I socially barebacking?’

KALTBLUT: LOL. I will be Googling those immediately. If you had an unlimited budget a la Chanel, Balmain etc what would a HOMO runway show look like? No expense spared.

K: We’d have a big ass set like Chanel, models from Marco Marco, the creativity of KTZ, the opulence of Versace the swagger of Adidas and the playfulness of Moschino.

KALTBLUT: So that needs to happen. Who would be on the Front row?

O: Paris Hilton, Cody Fern, Usagi aka Sailor Moon, Lion-O, Trinity the Tuck, Alaska, Billy Porter, Kim Petras, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Dorian Electra, Rihanna, Jigglypuff.

KALTBLUT: OMG Jigglypuff. I know her. What would Anna Wintour say about the show and what HOMO Tee would she wear?

BOTH: She’s not invited.

KALTBLUT: THE SHADE. What music would play at the show? Top 3 tracks, go. Or if you could have one person perform live for the show, who would it be?

K: WJSN – Save me, Save You

Lovelyz – Joyland

Kim Petras- I don’t want it at all

O: Jodie Harsh would do a mean DJ set #icon (O: I can’t DJ myself cause I’d be backstage)

KALTBLUT: If you could dress one band in all the world in HOMO tees who would it be and why?

K: 80’s Wham! They tick our all HOMO boxes.

KALTBLUT: Last album you streamed?

O: Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

KALTBLUT: Last thing you watched on Netflix?

K: Tiger King… #overrated

KALTBLUT: Finally, what advice would you give to other couples who work together?

O: Don’t do it!

K: On a more serious note- If your relationship is not 100% solid there’s a chance that it might break you apart.

KALTBLUT: Good advice. Words to live by. Bonus question and this is thanks to my next-door neighbour’s little girl who always asks these kinds of questions, what would you rather be, a unicorn or a giant iridescent butterfly?

K: Duh?! A unicorn!

O: Plus, you can use the horn as a dildo!

KALTBLUT: I wish I’d never asked.

HOMO Links:
Store: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HomolondonStore
IG: www.instagram.com/homo_london
Twitter: mobile.twitter.com/homolondon

Meet the Designers:
Orestes: www.instagram.com/mro_presents
Karl: www.instagram.com/theotherkarl

Photography: Remi McQuen www.instagram.com/remithephotographer/

Words by Lewis Robert Cameron www.instagram.com/lrcfashionstylist