KALTBLUT presents ESPLENDOR by Jordi Estrada

A fashion-focused short piece by Barcelona-based filmmaker Jordi Estrada, that follows a beautiful and depressed model in love with his own image. Tired, in an absorbed contemplation, unable to separate from his beautiful image, he ends his life to finally rest.

An intimate and anarchic snapshot of this young man facing its own beauty, in a subversive, tragic self-romance.

Directed by Jordi Estrada @_jordiestrada
Featuring Alex Noriega @shieleck
Produced by Agata Bert @agatabert
Director of Photography | Lluis Ferrer @lluisferrer
Stylist | Veronica Febrero @veronicafebrero
Make-up | Susanna Schmetterling @susannaschmetterling
Focus puller | Frankie A. Ronda @trauma7
Production assistant | Luca Perfetti @l__forms
Music composed by Adrian Marth @adrianmarth_
Mastering & mixing Yayaya @yayaya.audio
Colorist | Julia Rosssetti / Eighty4 @juliarossetticolor/ @eighty4_tv
Graphics | Robin Cabrera Touman @robincabreratouman
Thanks to | Arrival Films & Kamikaze Estudi