An exclusive fashion short and editorial. This is the result of the creative mind of a young Spanish designer, Daniel Rodriguez Marin, graduated in fashion design at BAU University of Barcelona. Photography by Mireia Rodriguez. Styling by Anna Sandri. Fashion film by Anna Murciano. Models are Louise Good and Víctor Hermosa. The collection is “genderless” and is the result of a really sensitive project, almost biographical, a reinterpretation of the Sofia Coppola’s film “Lost in translation”: It has been literally the way to metaphorize the anxiety and insecurity of the young designer about his professional and personal future and life.

The start point that made Daniel to start this project was his personal experience in Tokio which made him to need to be there again also after the materialization of his project, just because he needed to feel loyal to the cinematographic and cultural references he was using to feel finally satisfied with his work. This made him feeling once again cultural decontextualized and up to talk about in his collection in a more self conscious way.

Video maker: Anna Murciano www.instagram.com/amurciano
Art director: Fran Álvarez  www.instagram.com/franchupotter
Photographer: Mireia Rodriguez  www.instagram.com/mirerm
Fashion stylist: Anna Sandri  www.instagram.com/annanas_____
Clothes Designer: Daniel Rodriguez Marin www.instagram.com/danitrish
– Louise Good www.instagram.com/lubbylouu
– Víctor Hermosa www.instagram.com/itsvictorhermosa
Location: special thanks to Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona www.instagram.com/razzmatazzclubs