KALTBLUT presents Red Castle

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film. The film named Red Castle is a project breaking the boundaries between documentary and fashion film, taking place in the north of Paris. Concept by Dorothee von Winning and Gösta von Platen. Direction by Dorothee von Winning. Models are Felipe Carrasco Brevis, Jonas Tchanque, Nola Cherri, Lara Abdessalem.

The film features both established and up-and-coming exciting brands on Paris fashion scene such as; AMI, Collectif Gamut, 8IGB and Léo. It is a close portrait of four friends manifesting their companionship through style and movement in a very intense multi-cultural environment. They are a natural part of the hectic life as they flow through the streets of the area Goutte d’Or. A stone’s throw away from the metro stop Château Rouge one finds their secret castle; a hideout for reflection and sincerity. The aim is to show a different side of Paris far away from the luxurious boulevards and runway shows.

Every participant of this project has their own personal connection to this specific area and the film is an appreciation of life there. Both the film team and the models are active creative members of different communities within music, fashion and architecture.

Fashion from

8IGB www.instagram.com/8igb_communityclothing

AMI www.instagram.com/amiparis

Arturo Obegero  www.instagram.com/arturoobegero

Gamut www.instagram.com/collectif_gamut

Léo www.instagram.com/leo_official_be

Rombaut www.instagram.com/rombautofficial

Concept by Dorothee von Winning and Gösta von Platen

Direction by Dorothee von Winning / www.vonwinning-productions.com / www.instagram.com/hei_project_

Styling by Gösta von Platen / www.gostavonplaten.com / www.instagram.com/gosta_v_p

DOP by Enrico Wolff / www.enricowolff.com /

Editing by Simon Schmeider / www.vizardberlin.com / www.instagram.com/vizardmedia

Music by Vizard / www.vizardberlin.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/vizardmedia

Models are Felipe Carrasco Brevis / Instagram: www.instagram.com/felipe.carrasco.b

& Jonas Tchanque / Instagram: www.instagram.com/jonastch

& Nola Cherri / Instagram: www.instagram.com/nolacherri

& Lara Abdessalem / Instagram: www.instagram.com/laartjebontje

Make up by Louise Poët / www.louisepoet.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/louisepoet

Production by Cør / von Winning