KALTBLUT presents Unacceptable Behavior! A short film by Clément Oberto

A short film premiere! This film is inspired by a text from Destiny Nolen. Directed by Clément Oberto, Unacceptable Behavior is a light poem about youth and loneliness. It is narrated by Georgia Feroce and guided by a subtle and sensitive score, composed by John Tejada. Clément Oberto created a film which follows a woman on the edge, someone who feels too much, a fragile and strong soul, always on the verge between bursting into tears or into generous and beautiful smiles.

“Our heroine wanders through the sublime landscapes of the American West. More than a portrait, this is a generation testimony, solar and vibrant. The story of young adults ultra-connected and yet still alone, victims of their hypersensitivity, trying to find harmony in this delicate balance between remains of childhood and promises of adulthood.”

Clément uses his own desire for emancipation – he had just left Paris himself when this film was shot – and mixes it with the irrepressible quest of his actress; confronting the intimate world, full of questions to the lack of dialogue with the outside world. He opposes the immensity of the landscapes to the smallness of soft words in a tender and poetic journey full of graceful melancholy.


Clément Oberto is French director and producer living in Los Angeles. His work revolves mostly around the feminine figure in music videos, commercials and Art films.

In 2018, he directed two commercials for the Chanel group: one for Eres (the French swimsuit brand) and one for Barrie (the Scottish cashmere brand). He also directed two commercials for the perfume brand Morreale, a music video for Faded Away (the new band of Mr Flash), a music video for the first single of Zhavia Ward, and a music video for John Tejada.

Since 2014 he won ‘Best VFX’ at LFFF, and 3 times ‘Best Music Video’ at LVFF, MVUF and TMFF. His work has gathered over 25 Million views and has been featured in Forbes, TIME, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Fubiz, TMZ, and received two Vimeo Staff Picks.

www.clementoberto.com www.instagram.com/clement_oberto


Destiny Nolen is an actress and model born in Los Angeles. She has modelled for Louis Vuitton, in Europe and Japan, and has recently acted in her first feature film ‘Silk Road’, a Japanese/American film directed by Sandu Negrea.



Georgia Feroce was born a singer in Shelton, Connecticut. Her unique voice, honest lyrics and catchy melodies have helped cement herself as a favorite up-and-coming artist around Los Angeles. Georgia recently recorded her first EP, Cat & Mouse, with Los Angeles/Nashville producer, Josh “Tone” Weaver, which consists of five songs.


JOHN TEJADA / Composer

The LA-based synth mastermind has amassed an impressive skill set, embracing the music as a personal frontier, expanding on his resume as a techno recording artist as producer, remixer, DJ, and label owner. Before hooking up with Kompakt, he had already made his own dent in the musical universe, thanks to a flurry of top-tier releases on labels such as Pokerflat Recordings, Plug Research imprint, R&S and many more and the quality of the releases he has unleashed upon Kompakt alone bears witness to the musical genius that is John Tejada.

Unacceptable Behavior marks his 4th collaboration with Clément Oberto. He composed the music for his short film ‘One step’, and Clément also directed two music videos for the electronic Artist.


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