Kancha – White is the New Black – White Friday

The world gets mad about the Black Friday – But: White is the New Black. Our friends from Kancha proclaim a “White Friday”. Yes, this means that their products are not bottomless low. On the contrary the whole White Friday long product prices in the shop are 20% more expensive. Bam!

Why???? The good people from Kanch say:At the sale at the “White Friday” you can not only buy yourself a unique, handcrafted, design product, but also you can help the children in Kyrgyzstan. Every penny we pitch with our products – the 20% more, we donate to the orphanage Irada” in Karakol. In addition, we derive this from every product sold another 20% out of our own pocket to the orphanage on. We change the rules on consumer the  marathon “Black Friday” a bit and want to create with our “White Friday” something sustainable. With high percentages shopping not for ourself, but it is for others.” Read More: kancha.de/en/blog/white-friday-irada/

“We are a fresh Berlin Start Up, which was launched in September 2013 per Crowdfunding (www.startnext.de/kancha). Our concept: in far away Kyrgyzstan we manufacture “design for urban nomads” in our workshops – our go-to Market product are premium sleeves for electronic gadgets. The product portfolio will be extended asap to position KANCHA as an urban design label. What’s special is that all of our products come with a label signed by the craftsperson who manufactured it for you – the person’s profile is online. Our sales channels are e-Commerce as well as direct sales.



p0xSXaIzThe DNA of KANCHA is not only in its products, but also in the story behind it. Our idea is to realize a fair and socially responsible business model. This is why co-founder Tobi lives “on the ground” in Kyrgyzstan, to guarantee a fair and qualitative production process. We don’t wanna get rich, just because somebody else in the world is suffering for it. That’s why we put ALL involved people and mother earth in the focus of our sustainable business processes, and try to to enable balanced but rapid growth. This makes it a special challenge.” So friends… let´s do something good.. White is the New Black

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