Keeping up with Nicolas Navarro Rueda

It´s almost five years ago since we first publish Nicolas’s Work. Time pass, people changed and so did Nicolas and his Art. Nicolas Navarro Rueda is a queer Colombian fashion designer, illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin. As an artistic character, Nico has developed a great eye for detail, colour and the technique and ability to present and create images packed with emotion. We did interviewed him before, but an update is never too much.

“Fashion and art have always been my reason to be and as such I have decided to dedicate my life to interpret it the best way possible. I have been an illustrator ever since discovering the craft and the joy of being expressive in every medium possible. I have noticed that this is the time to reevaluate an opportunity to integrate visual stimulants to your excellent editorials with art, representing more of the feeling creative channels give us when experiencing them. My work focuses on experimentation and research, placing Up-cycling, Recycling and Sustainability as core values in my projects, as an example: re-working or editing illustrations kept in my archives (recycledBOY series).

I do not lack courage and I do not fear thinking in unconventional ways, fully enjoying alternative processes when approaching a task and delivering a concept. I see opportunities in disadvantages and rise through challenges with the support of extensive research and my creative narrative. I am looking forward to share my work. I seek to fully find my identity through valuable human experiences. My ultimate goal is to create honest stories as pieces of exclusive art, concentrating on the craft elevating each technique. In me, you will find a refreshing character and qualities which I have earned through experience. Determination is a key word that describes me. I am human and I lay virtue in knowledge, emotions and personal growth.”

Instagram: @nnr.1989