Kerry Lytwyn

Raw and Cinematic! Kerry Lytwyn is an award winning Scottish fashion and portraiture photographer based in London whose focus is mainly on delicate, feminine and cinematic styled photography. And she is so good at it! Drawn to the natural/raw imagery aesthetic, she loves to capture images that are non over processed and unique using predominantly natural daylight.

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KALTBLUT: How did you start photographing?

Kerry: I started photographing on disposable cameras from a young age and became obsessed with film and photographing everything and everybody around me. I had always had a strong interest in fashion and portraiture and during my years studying photography I learned to develop my own style and build upon that natural/raw aesthetic approach that I use.


KALTBLUT: You do lots of fashion. What inspires you? How do you come up with new ideas?

Kerry: I am heavily inspired by cinema and natural imagery, the more raw the better. My work is predominantly shot using natural daylight which is what I prefer to work with. I believe this captures the natural look most effectively and can make images appear more real life/candid without over doing it with lighting/post production even in fashion. I am always creating fashion stories/scenes in my head and doing moodboards for new projects, watching alot of movies and reading inspires me to create new works. My mind is constantly ticking with ideas, it rarely stops but that’s what makes it exciting.


KALTBLUT: Do you prefer shooting film or digital?

Kerry: I shoot mostly analogue lately which has a look that fits my work well. I especially love 35mm at the moment and have shot various magazine editorials with this medium. I love the look and feel of 35mm and how versatile it is especially on old cameras. For me analogue has a beautiful charm that is hard to replicate with digital and I keep going back to use it, it also seems to have a cinematic quality that it gives to certain images and this also appeals to me. I do shoot digital on the occasion that it’s required however I definitely prefer analogue if I had to pick one medium.


KALTBLUT: If any of your shoots could be a movie which one would you choose and why?

Kerry: I would have to say the girl in the recent arcade series ‘Amusement’ that I shot for C-Heads Magazine. I like the playful side of the grungy girl, lost around the amusements creating her own fun giving her own attitude, the vibrant colours over saturated and neon lights also the fast food. I love the American gritty road trip/grunge look and this was inspired with that in mind. It would be shot in a similar style to the recent movie ‘Elecktrick Children’ by Rebecca Thomas which is eccentric and has a retro 90’s feel to it.


Interview by Amanda M. Jansson