KEYI MAGAZINE presents: “Sonic Reflections” a charity compilation

The Underground Youth by Victor Puigcerver

KEYI MAGAZINE is proud to present a groundbreaking charity compilation that unites a diverse array of Berlin-based and international artists, each a visionary in their own right. With an impressive collection of 44(!) tracks, this extraordinary release serves as a sonic testament to the forefront of Techno and adjacent genres, showcasing the bleeding-edge sounds that define contemporary club sounds.

Immerse yourself in this meticulously curated compilation, spanning over 4 hours of music, as you embark on a sonic journey unlike any other. But this isn’t just about the music—it’s about making a difference. By participating in this musical odyssey, you have the opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Every penny raised through the sales of this compilation will be donated in full to two remarkable organizations: The White Helmets, who tirelessly strive to provide aid and assistance in conflict zones, and Germany’s Welthungerhilfe organization, dedicated to combating hunger and poverty worldwide.

Now more than ever, the world needs the solidarity and support of its creative communities. The challenges we face are vast and varied, from the harrowing events of the Ukraine war to the devastating impact of the recent earthquake in Turkey and the ongoing crisis in Syria. It is in times like these that artists, musicians, and the wider nightlife community must stand together, utilizing their platforms to promote positive change.

Involucija Photo by KEYI Studio

Through “Sonic Reflections,” we invite you to not only revel in the cutting-edge sounds of the underground but also to make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. By joining this sonic movement, you become part of a collective force that transcends borders and genres, leveraging the universal language of music to bring hope, support, and compassion to those who need it most.

Dive into the sonic abyss of “Sonic Reflections: A Charity Compilation” and let the power of music inspire you to create a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a difference, one beat at a time.

Words: Michael Aniser

On June 29 KEYI MAGAZINE is launching this compilation at Kantine am Berghain with friends and family and three live sets: Gear afficianado Peter Kirn brings down a few new toys to showcase live, Guiddo & Piro follow with another live set, drawing from fierce electro and distortion heavy grooves, while skelesyes paints a sonic landscape with unrelenting guitar strings.

Stay till the end to catch KEYI’s very own Berlin Bunny round out the night with a few bangers and get down early to KEYI’s other half Eyes Dice‘ opening set.

If you buy a ticket for the event now will get the full compilation of 44 tracks.

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Delve into a sonic odyssey that defies time and space constraints as you immerse yourself in Amotik’s “Aatma.” This ethereal composition pulses with primordial energy, captivating listeners with its mesmerizing tapestry of otherworldly frequencies.

IORI’s “Particle” beckons you into a realm where spectral rhythms intertwine, offering a celestial allure that transcends ordinary perception.

Ancient Methods weaves an enigmatic narrative in “AM – 1 B2,” resonating with age-old wisdom and boundless transcendence.

Alessandro Adriani’s “Fever Dreams” invites you into a hypnotic realm, where electrifying melodies and ethereal harmonies converge, capturing the very essence of our sonic era.

Ellen Allien’s “Send” unveils hidden dimensions and elevates the consciousness to new heights, washing over listeners with waves of enchanting sound.

Shao’s audacious sonic architecture in “Almost Waiting” defies conventions, challenging the boundaries of musical perception through intricate patterns and daring compositions.

Berlin Bunny’s “Cosmic Battle” immerses you in a cosmic clash of pulsating frequencies, epitomizing the eternal struggle between luminosity and obscurity.

Chloe Lula’s “Neu Elektro” celebrates liberation and artistic exploration, fusing elements of techno and electro into an enigmatic sonic fusion that defies categorization.

Discodrama’s “Flash Of The Night” ignites the imagination with its experimental escapade, offering a glimpse into a world that defies expectations.

Lee Ann Roberts’ “Only Us” intertwines ethereal melodies with introspective musings, forging a deep connection between souls within an intimate realm of sound.

Maedon’s “No Compromises” stands as an anthem of rebellion, embracing unyielding self-expression and the spirit of sonic revolution. Melania’s enchanting “Magic Spells” weaves a mesmerizing web of ethereal harmonies and mystical incantations, opening gateways to hidden
realms of sonic enchantment.

Nitefleit’s “Here My Dear” creates a dreamlike reverie, where pulsating rhythms and ethereal atmospheres coalesce, evoking a sense of melancholic yearning.

Projekt Gestalten’s “She Worked Above You” blurs the boundaries between reality and illusion, inviting listeners on a journey of sonic revelation.

Que Sakamoto & NT’s “Murasaki” harmonizes Eastern and Western influences in a symphony of transcendence, forging connections through the universal language of music.

Randstad’s “Forest Of Thought” provokes profound contemplation as organic elements meld with pulsating beats, offering an invitation to introspection.

Alessandro Nero by Keyi Studio

Stefan’s “92MDL” unfurls as a nostalgic time capsule, enveloping listeners in a warm embrace of sonic memories, evoking a yearning for a bygone era.

Tomasz Guiddo Ft Louie Austen’s “Help Me Find Love” resonates with timeless melodies, offering solace and companionship through its soul-stirring soundscape.

Trin1ty’s “Non Binary Cuz Quantum” defies societal norms, revolutionizing sonic identity and embracing the liberating power of self-expres- sion. Arnaud Rebotini’s “Haze’s Dances” captivates with enigmatic allure, leading listeners through a labyrinth of hypnotic rhythms and seductive melodies.

Poly Chain’s “Powder Room Gossip” reveals whispered secrets within experimental soundscapes, where intricate textures and curious sonic elements entwine.

The Underground Youth’s “Foreign Land” becomes a sanctuary for wanderers, guiding them through uncharted sonic territories with ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics.

Olympe4000’s “Pourquoi valoriser les savoirs plus que les sagesses” challenges conventional wisdom, embarking on avant-garde sonic explorations that delve into existential questions.

These sonic voyages ignite the imagination and inspire a sense of wonder, allowing the artists’ visions to guide you through uncharted territories of sound, expanding the horizons of musical expression beyond limitations.

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