Kia Hartelius captures BARBARA I GONGINI in a Street Couture Bomber Series

KALTBLUT presents an unexpected collaboration between BARBARA I GONGINI and Kia Hartelius emerged at the beginning of the year. BARBARA I GONGINI, the avant-garde fashion brand has been devoted to creating luxury avant-garde pieces that present a different take on Nordic fashion. Their designs flatter men and women alike and focus on bringing out the freedom of self-expression in the individual. Styling by Ellen Lofts. Makeup and hair by Mads Stig.
Models is Ilethia Sharp / Scoop Model.

Their conceptual approach on design based on longevity and multifunctionality includes both strong cuts and soft ovoid silhouettes that mix together in #multiways, giving light to versatile personalized outfits.

[We have created] a story that combines the brand’s time- and ageless key styles with clashing and colorful elements to underline the span of BARBARA I GONGINI realm,” the artist said, adding that “the story works with the form and multifunctionality of the pieces while layering many styles on top of each other in order to create a playful, fun and dynamic interpretation of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand.

However, the BARBARA I GONGINI avant-garde designs are not only for the bold, as Kia Hartelius showed in her unique take on the BARBARA I GONGINI garments. In the Street Couture Bomber Series, she clashes “the black avant-garde roots of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand”, the artist mentioned, with the high-low flair of Street Couture, in a way no one else has ever seen before.

Kia Hartelius is a Danish fashion photographer well-known for the unconventional and unisex approach she has on photography. She uses clear colours to bring out raw emotions and challenge the status quo, trademarks that can be seen in this fashion editorial as well. As Barbara, the owner, mentioned, Kia managed to take “the brand’s expression out to other environments and contexts,” by picturing how the minimalistic edgy garments combined with vintage elements will integrate into the urban community it exists within.

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STYLING Ellen Lofts
MAKE-UP & HAIR Mads Stig
MODELS Ilethia Sharp / Scoop Model