Kidz 3000 

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Jonathan Portugal. Styling by Pau Collado & Raymundo Montiel. Models are Enya Ramirez, Santi Robledo, and Gabriele G. Make up by Liz Jardón. Hair by Clo Reyna. Tooth gems by Arantxa Olivares. Brands used are Elvia Cruz López, Gus de la Cruz, Sombrero Moro Hats, Andrés Lungo, Agua Miel Bags, Aline Gachuz, Ruiz Quiroz, Uncanny Redesign, Caracol Accesorios, Edsar Sanchez, Ar.dient3, Cruda, Egr, Iván Avalos, K4ch0s, New Rock.

“We know that aesthetics and fashion are a form of rebellion, still in this age being different is not accepted by most.  We created this story as a form of protest to give inspiration to those that are too afraid to show their true self. Jonathan Portugal is a Mexican photographer based in Amsterdam. He put together a team in Mexico City to create this surrealistic story, collaborating with artists and independent fashion designers.  This story was based on a mix of trends, a bit 90s, futuristic, rave and genderless fashion. The whole team was inspired to explore fashion as a form of statement, to break free from the norm, with bold looks that represent freedom and a new state of mind.”

Photography by Jonathan Portugal / Instagram: @portugalhex     
Styling by Pau Collado & Raymundo Montiel / Instagram @paucolladopau @raymundo_montiell
Models are Enya Ramirez signed at New Icon Agency /
Instagram: @enya_ramirez_ @newiconmodels
Santi Robledo signed at New Icon Agency / Instagram: @santadzio.robledo_ @newiconmodels
Gabriele G signed at New Icon Agency / Instagram: @ohwjohnny @newiconmodels
Make up by Liz Jardón / Instagram: @liz_jardonmua
Hair by Clo Reyna / Instagram: @clo.stylistroom
Tooth gems by Arantxa Olivares / Instagram: @ar.dient3
Assistant is José García/ Instagram: @much0concept0

Instagram name of each brand: @elviacruzlopez @gusdelacruzcouture @morohats  @andres__lungo @aguamielbags @alinegachuzoficial @_ruizquiroz @uncanny.redesing.accesories @caracol.acxesorios @k4ch0s  @ar.dient3 @cruda_cruda @egrbyegr @ivankavalos @newrock