Kinky’n’Proud – An interview with artist Von Kazanowsky

Von Kazanowsky is a Polish based freelance artist and illustrator. He got a passion for drawing some kinky stuff, and to be honest we love it that way! Von Kazanowsky dreams about his own kinky coloring book and we really wish for this to happend very soon for our own pleasure, and yours of course. 

KALTBLUT:  Tell us about your creative background – when did you first start illustrating/what really pushed you to do so?

Von Kazanowsky: Well, to be honest, I’m always drawing something. I remember as a child I had this sketchbook, filled with drawings of hands, ears, faces etc. So illustration was always in my life. Later, I studied fashion design, but after that I just returned to making illustrations. And there I stayed.

KALTBLUT:  What medium/tools do you feel most comfortable with when creating your work?

Von Kazanowsky:: Usually I did them in watercolor, because aquarelle is a medium that is close to my heart. But after I bought an iPad I try to explore more digital ways of creating my works.

KALTBLUT:  Do you work with models or from pictures you find on the net?

Von Kazanowsky: Sometimes, I make pictures of real people all around me, but mostly I find them on the net. Here, in Poland it is not easy to find places where you can work with models in real life (I know it sounds so medieval, but it’s true!)

KALTBLUT:  Have you found that your work is being responded to in a positive way? What has been the best reaction that you’ve received so far?

Von Kazanowsky: People reposting their portraits, that’s for sure. But last time, some people told me that they could recognize my style, and that was the best compliment in the whole world!

KALTBLUT: What is the message you want to get across to viewers of your work?

Von Kazanowsky: That every body is beautiful. And it’s ok to get kinky, to watch bodies and get horny. We used to not talk about sex at all, well, eventually, in jokes. But I want to appreciate that aspect of our lives.

KALTBLUT: Have you found any other work/artists to be really inspiring currently?

Von Kazanowsky:This Christmas I bought myself Inaz and Vinoodh album „Pretty Much Everything” as a gift. I love what they doing! Their portraits are just perfect – clean and sharp. Of course, I love M/M Paris with the biggest love ever. And from instagram I really like Milena Huta, Travis Chantar, Audra Auclair, Paloma Smith (octoplum), Michael Hussar, Tomasz Mro, Marco Mazzoni, Luis José (luisl4nd), Christian Cimoroni (ccimoroni12), Elly Smallwood, Chuma Hill, Feverworm, Martin Bedolla and our polish illustrators Arobal and Anna Halarewicz. Oh god, there is so many of them!

KALTBLUT: What is your ultimate goal?

Von Kazanowsky: The ultimate goal? I guess it’s gonna be to work as a full-time illustrator. But for now, making an album with my works will be fine.


Instagram: @vonkazanowsky