Kolovrat Spring/Summer 2021 – ICEBERG

#ModaLisboa – Lidija Kolovrat´s collection aims to capture the moment of transition we are currently living. Kolovrat presents familiar forms, with a new atmosphere and a new vision. The pieces, in light colours, assume themselves as a blank canvas that, like us, are ready to receive a new humanization expressed by the manuality of art. Prints and visual elements are encounters of multiple natures.

www.instagram.com/lidijakolovrat // www.modalisboa.pt/en

The water-coloured shapes create icebergs that transform, break and compress. An atmosphere is created that oscillates between manuality and the design gesture, complementing it.

Bosnian born designer with a background in cinema and fashion, Lidija Kolovrat defines her language through deconstruction, urban culture and arts, being recognized as a prominent artist in Portugal and regularly exhibiting video-art and installations in galleries and museums.

As the head designer of Kolovrat, Lidija’s personal vision and dynamic are materialized in the unique fashion collections she creates and seasonally shows at ModaLisboa – Lisboa Fashion Week.

Her true passion is to dress people, taking the time needed to understand the present cultural environment, so she can create meaningful garments to all of those who seek a differentiated style, in tune with their true, inner self.