Kylie is working on a new EP with Fernando Garibay

YEAHHHH! Pop icon Kylie Minogue is releasing another EP with Fernando Garibay, according to Giorgio Moroder. As you well know the first Kylie and Garibay EP, aka ‘Kylie + Garibay’, came out in September. Having a chat with – YOU GUESSED IT – the Daily Star, Moroder said the following about Kylie: “Kylie is a darling.” Source POPJUSTICE

He continued: “She is doing another EP with our friend Fernando who did most of Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. There’s four tracks that are very sexy and very uncommercial – beautiful new sounds.” Not only that but Moroder’s sex voice is on one of the songs. “She asked me if I could do a little talk in Italian on her music. She wanted it really sexy, like a Latin lover – heavy breathing. I think she was quite happy. Kylie told me: ‘I should have worked with you 10 years ago’.”