La Famiglia Klon by Adriana Pagliai

Adriana Pagliai is a young photographer based in Paris. By definition, a family is a group of people who live under the same roof. Family by blood, family by heart, the Klons live all together under the same roof and the richness of their union is infinitely fascinating. In the past families had the habit of being portrayed or later photographed. That’s what Pagliai wanted to give them, to freeze them in time and to offer them a little bit of immortality.

Team Crédit
Photography by
Adriana Pagliai / / @adriana_pagliai
Stylism by Louis Guimard / / @lgmdr
Stylist assistant Anne Albertini @annealbertini
Sacha Kheireddine @solaroc
Hair by Alexis Mercier @alexis__mercier
Make Up by Axelle Jovanovic @snakeyez_
Set Design by Anais Profit / / @anaisprofit


Klon @klonfamily
Akra @akra.klon
Aurel @aurel.klon
Arthur @art.klon_
Nejma @klon.nej
Rory @rory.klon
Victor @vic.klon
Zoé @zoe.klon_

Fashion Crédit
Brands are : Manoush, Helene Zubeldia, D’Heygères, Loic Bourgeois, Nicolas Boyer, Arcangelo Bungaro, Dalaeido, Oh Hey Girl, Based, New Rock