La Femme Fatale by Petros Aronis

Petros Aronis is a multimedia artist involved in photography, filmmaking and painting based in Glasgow and Athens. Aronis main inspirations derive from Art, Fashion, Cinema, Feminism, Gender Theories and Social Issues. Petros Aronis work stands in support of all minority groups and goes against the social norms. ‘La Femme Fatale” is about female empowerment and it’s inspired by Old Hollywood female characters of the film noir cinema, David Lynch and Miles Aldridge. The Series has a comical atmosphere with many references from the mainstream pop culture.

“The photo-story reimagines the femme fatale of the film noir during the 1940-50s in a modern context. The femme fatale of today is confident, seductive, and dangerous. She’ll break your heart like she boils her past. In hot water for less than 12 min. She is and will always be a threat to patriarchy because of her ambiguity, elusiveness, sexual liberation and resourcefulness. However, I tried with my representation to eliminate anything that was problematic in the representation of femme fatales during the Old Hollywood era. The femme fatale of today does not exist to do away with men’s angst about the sexual differences of the two sexes. She exists to create it and support it. She does not exist to be fetishized nor fulfil the fantasies of any man. She exists to fulfil only her own fantasies.”


Photographer is Petros Aronis
Instagram: @petraronis@Facebook@Tumblr@Vimeo

Model is Dajana Kuban
Instagram: @dajanakuban

Make up by Tijana Savicevic
Instagram: @tijanasvijana

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