La Mer – An ecological fashion film

La Mer is the new Victor Claramunt fashion film. “I am smart enough to know that. This is the essential premise that kids tell us. We are destroying the seas and we do nothing to change that. From the world of fashion we must also make the audience aware that we should do everything in our power to change the course of history. Fashion as a social speaker. Kids as social speakers. We need all world attention.”

We live in a society where we are not aware of the amount of plastic around us.
This is not a child’s play.
Four children, from 11 to 6 years old, in recognizable two-color environments, where the plastic that coexists naturally with us stands out,nobody cares. The kids will tell us what we are doing with our oceans … with our planet.


Since I was a child, I liked to play in every room of the house. I hung different objects from any part of the room that seemed that they could always have been there. This was the first image that came to mind when I thought about this film. Mixing style and social denunciation without losing the sense of humor to raise awareness of the dangers of plastics in the oceans was not a simple task. I believe that any narrative is good to achieve a goal. This is not a children’s game, we do everything possible to save the planet.

Spanish director Victor Claramunt is celebrated for his clever, cinematic, award-winning fashion films. His film Breaking Rules for Bibilou won more than 20 awards around the world — more than any other fashion film last year — including the prestigious Best Director at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival,Best Film/Emerging Artist Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Best Creative Concept at the Mexico Fashion Film Festival, Best Fashion Film at the Australian International Fashion Film Festival and Best Production at the Australian International Fashion Film Festival. Claramunt began his career as art director, sharpening his creative eye as a director of fashion films. There is a magical feel to everything he shoots. Each piece reflects his unique style – a love of Hollywood cinema and a smart mix of humor, surrealism, action, and drama. His impressive portfolio includes award-winning films for major brands, including Giorgio Armani, Herbal Essences, Nespresso, Air France, Roger Vivier, LongChamp, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, Sony Music, Adidas, Andres Sarda, Nestle, and Castrol.

Writer/Producer/Director Victor Claramunt San Millán
Brand North Sails
Producer Jose Trullenque
Line Producer César Pérez Gómez
2nd Line Producer Pilar Coy Pérez
Writer Ingrid Gené Gili
Cast Aroa Renau / Samuel Walton / Lola Walton / Maria Tereski
D.O.P: Juli Carné Martorell
Focus Puller Federico Taus
Assistant Camera Jorge Oviedo Capilla
Editor Victor Claramunt
Make up /Hair Kuki Giménez
Stylist Inés Roig Liverato
Stylist Ass Aramita Hernández Delgado
Art Direction Rafa Jannone
Art Direction Ass Jose Pedro Delgado 
Colorist Julia Rossetti /
Postproduction studio
Sound designer Victor Claramunt
Sound Mixer Carlos Riera
Still Photography Fancisco Hernandez
Creative direction Victor Claramunt San Millán
North Sails Marketing Irasema Vargas
North Sails MMXIX