Landscape by Isabel Cavenecia

Isabel Cavenecia is a Peruvian/Dutch artist living and working in Berlin. Cavenecia is an architect of imaginative worlds. The worlds are like portraits of spaces that come from strong feelings. It is like how a memory imprints itself into your brain landscape as space. These worlds are inspired by silence, riddles, sensuality, rhythm, fragility, and most of all water.

“The characters in my spaces are always connected to space as if they are melted into them or they are part of a kinetic system from which the architecture around them consists. Often characters dance or sing the world around them into existence. The characters are completely unaware of the absurd world we live in, in this way I think the characters are more like animals and plants, they just exist within the space and follow nature’s rhythm. I like working on the computer and in drawings because there are no limits. I can make anything regardless of the amount of money on my bank account or the gravity on earth. All of the spaces I portray are floating in the air or on water. In the future, I hope to make these spaces in real life.”

Instagram: @isabelcavenecia