lasek bulonski

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Eliza Kania. The model is Gabriela. Make up by Julia Gryza. Style by Patrycja Dziewit.“While most children hear bedtime stories, my lullabies were mostly filled with arguments about inflation or the economy… but there were times (although rarely) when my dad was in a good mood and therefore he would tell me about his carefree and “not serious” youth and Zenit 12xp was an inseparable part of it. He told me how he lovED to look at the world through the lens to capture the most beautiful moments of his life.”

“However, after college, the time to “do serious things and stop wasting time” has started…
Many years later I, the apple of his eye, was born. Since I was a child, I was “made for great things” and was supposed to change the world, therefore the artistic soul that has always been in me was suffocated for the most time of my life.

16 years of my life was full of activism, projects (e.g. we won the title of the best educational project in Poland), trainings, events, exchanges, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these activities were amazing, but I always felt that I was missing something, something important.

Thankfully I somehow came across my father’s old camera and quickly I became inseparable from it. I took it everywhere and my friend noticed that and he offered me a place where I could do my own exhibition, which happened just before I turned 17. This event was a turning point – that is when I understood that photography is what I am made for.

Now, I am 18, I am starting my photo studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and I can’t wait to see what next is going to happen!”

Photography by Eliza Kania / Instagram: @elizakania_
The model is Gabriela / Instagram: @__briell__
Make up by Julia Gryza / Instagram: @julkakulk.a_makeup
Style by Patrycja Dziewit / Instagram: @dziewit_portfolio

Fashion: vintage @drugi_sort