Last blue. Photography by Severo Paleo

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Severo Paleo. Male model is Akos signed to Trend Models. Styling and make up by Yasmina Rodríguez. Fashion by Levi´s, GAP, Diesel, Topman, Calvin Klein and others. “This editorial is formed by a neutral background which is powered by the performed of a very good model: Akos. The name of the editorial “Last blue” represented by the powerful blue eyes of Akos. The photos also have a good composition between the acting and the form to composite the picture with the clothes that formed a singular way to show the strength of the model. “says the photographer. 

Shirt by Calvin Klein
Scarf by Topman

Jacket by Diesel
Shirt by GAP

Shirt by La Principal Retro & CO
Jeans by Levi´s
Belt by Urban Outfitters
Scarf by: Hermes

Swaeter by Barcelona olympic92 S
Jeans by Levis
Shoes by Vans

Jacket by Adidas.


Photography by Severo Paleo.

Styling and make up by Yasmina Rodríguez.  @Jazzrodriguezm

Model. Akos by Trendmodels @meakos @trendmodelsmgmt

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