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Late Night Sound: Der Kvnstler – ‘Sommerloch’

“Sommerloch” celebrates self-indulgence and the simple pleasures of life. Reintroducing decadence and sex appeal back into the musical landscape, Der Kvnstler merges quirky electro-pop and Dada-influenced art into an irresistible and unforgettable performance. Whether it be golden latex gloves or precariously placed exotic fruits, “Sommerloch” is here to celebrate your kink.

For a long time Der Kvnstler has been the conductor of a creative collective of artists who give shape and colour to his musical and visual ideas. Stuttgart-born Nico Ohnesorge and Roman Scheremetiew are just two components of this innovative circle, meeting halfway on the creative wavelength to provide fully immersive interpretations of the hidden innovator’s vision. The end result is always a stylish and composed work of art, often presenting the common elements of the pop industry in an inventive and unconventional light.

Sommerloch is out now via Embassy of Music