A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sergio Giraldo. Model is Blanca del Águila de Tomás. Make up by Helena Bonel. Stylist by Isaac Leon. Fashion Brands are Bimba&Lola, Zara, Mango and Ecoalf.

In a world where to enjoy nature has so many restrictions, Lauren gets inside into the faraway forest, beginning a nature exploration but exploring too her own emotions and feelings.

A combination of warm colours with cold colours gets integrate with the search for a liberating landscape.

Photography by Sergio Giraldo / Instagram: @sergi0_girald0 / Website:
Model is Blanca del Águila de Tomás / Instagram: @blancadadt
Make up by Helena Bonel / Instagram: @helenabonel
Stylist by Isaac Leon / Instagram: @isaac.leoon

“I began with photography 10th years ago with landscapes photographs and even though it started as a hobby, with each passing day I felt the need to take more pictures. That’s why I decided to move to Spain and study photography. After a few months, European fashion gets my attention and so I decided to study for a Master of International Fashion Photography in EFTI. Graduated recently, my work tries to integrate fashion with the landscape, creating a story, and developing a natural style.”