Léa Brinon

Details and Pattern! Léa Brinon is a 21 year old student from France. She is not new to taking pictures, since she started using her holga at the age of 14. Details and patterns inspire her the most. Hands and curtains as well. She likes to interpret the process of drawing a curtain with your own hands as a will for change. She also finds the link between humans and nature fascinating.


Especially how “we are part of it, yet have the ability to notice it, which seems to set a line between our consciousness and the environment we are living in”, as she puts it. This last realization is also where her love for double exposures comes from.


KALTBLUT: How did you start taking pictures?

Lea: I started taking pictures at the age of 14. My sister gave me a HOLGA 120 for my birthday and I discovered Sally Mann two months later. This is basically how it all started.


KALTBLUT: What would you be doing if cameras had never been invented?

Lea: I think I would be traveling as much as I could and I would write a song for each encounter, memory, detail that my eyes can catch. So each time I played one particular song I would visualize again these memories in my head.


KALTBLUT: I feel something serene and silent coming from your photos? How are you as a person?

Lea: I am quite a dualistic person. I can be very sociable and then shy, serene and then anxious. I managed to make something out of it, my inspirations and mood go both hand in hand and I find it interesting to see my work change whether I feel enthusiastic  or melancholic.


KALTBLUT: Why do you choose to work with film?

Lea: For the suspense. For the variety of camera designs available. For the multiple exposures. For the limited amount of pictures on each roll, it stimulates my creativity even more.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson