Les Amours imaginaires, a Collection by Hazem Ali

KALTBLUT presents: Les Amours imaginaires, a Collection by Hazem Ali, AMD 4th semester Fashion Student. Photography by Christian Bacher.  A talented photographer with exquisite taste in fashion photography, especially with portraits. He supported several photo-shootings for young fashion design students at AMD in Düsseldorf. He always interprets fashion in a remarkable way rather than just ordinary commercial photos.  Make-up Artist and Hairstylist Heidi Kincaid worked on transferring two looks for the male model giving a sense of wildness as well as a feeling of fragility.  Accessories are sponsored by related by objects, a group of 5 jewellery designers with totally edgy pieces that combines both Handcraft and individual design. 

I wanted to create a collection that is inspired from people around me because I believe that humans are most inspiring of all, their uniqueness, their differences capture my eye and soul. I am originally from Egypt and this is my 4th semester project, a cooperation between AMD and Pierre Cardin. The inspiration of this collection comes from a French-Canadian film of the same title “Les Amours Imaginaires”, directed in 2010 by Xavier Dolan

*Hazem Ali

The collection is a homage to a new generation of youth, embracing diversity which bears no prejudice, no judgment but boundless freedom. The editorial photos switch from red to blue shades with a self-reflection which question self-identity. It sheds light on the mental crisis of social media and self-identity with the lifestyles projected upon us every time we open a photo sharing site or app. For many struggling youth and adults, life started to appear on a digital device as if it is edited to perfection and it is no surprise it leaves many young men and women feeling inadequate

Who we are is our Self Identity, the way we look at ourselves and our relationship to the world. Understanding this, allows us to examine who we are and more importantly create who we want to be.

Fashion is not only a glamourous profession, or a swatch of fancy fabric, it is an art of its own, it should evoke an emotion. Fashion is inspired from now, it tells a story of the present, hope for the future with a tribute to the past. Les Amours Imaginaires, is a collection inspired from city life and hyper active youth who contribute to the energy of the city. The theme sheds light on Instagram and social media, on how we see ourselves, self-identity, and the narcissistic behaviour of self-love. Are we who we are according to a filtered photo or is it another persona? Silhouettes are inspired by Pierre Cardin mixed with shiny shimmer fabrics representing the city that never sleeps.

*Hazem Ali

Fashion Design Student: Hazem Ali / www.hazsam.com  / Instagram : www.instagram.com/haz_sam  

AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Düsseldorf / www.amdnet.de Instagram :  www.instagram.com/my.amd 

Photography by Christian Bacher / www.christian-bacher-photography.com Instagram : www.instagram.com/christian_bacher_photography 

Make Up by Heidi Kincaid / www.instagram.com/magpiemakeup / Instagram: www.instagram.com/magpiemakeup 

Models are Calvin Hart / www.instagram.com/prefadedwolf /  signed at Aquamarine Models Agency / www.aquamarinemodels.com / www.instagram.com/aquamarine_official   

Beatrix Lischka / www.instagram.com/novembeakind  

Fabrics by Fabric House / www.fabric-house.eu / Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/fabric_house_eu 

Pierre Cardin / Instagram : www.instagram.com/pierrecardinofficiel 

Accessories by related by objects / Instagram : www.instagram.com/relatedbyobjects / www.relatedbyobjects.de



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