Les Benjamins F/W23 – FIRST WAVE

LES BENJAMINS Presents “First Wave” Collection: A Journey Into the Imaginary Desert! In this season, LES BENJAMINS turns its gaze away from the existing notions of the Earth and its far-flung places, towards something more abstract and aesthetically remote.


The Istanbul-based fashion brand’s Fall-Winter 2023 collection, aptly named “First Wave,” takes us on an exploration guided by Creative Director Bunyamin Aydin. This collection aims to create a visual representation of what the first colony on Earth could look like in an imaginary desert landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of protection, the garments incorporate elements of body armor, padding, and military-inspired leather, silk, and crepe. These hardware and functional details are juxtaposed against oversized, casual silhouettes adorned with patches, tubing, and drawstring elements in rave-style. The color palette takes a melancholic turn with deep mahogany, swamp, and forest green tones. But abstract neon colors and acid washes in overexposed Pantone shades infuse the collection with a cyberpunk character, offering a gentle symbol of humanist hope against a dystopian backdrop.

In line with the brand’s commitment to society, “First Wave” envisions a world where a new tribe has formed in the desert—one that carries its own nostalgia for the past and the East while resiliently looking towards the future. With the FW23 collection, LES BENJAMINS ventures into South Korea as a new market, bridging the East to the East and connecting the dots between Istanbul and Seoul.

Furthermore, “First Wave” has been reimagined by the unique A-list photographer Cho Gi-Seok. For more information, please refer to the press release. Stay tuned as LES BENJAMINS continues to push boundaries and transport us to new fashion frontiers.