Let Boys Be Boys by Shannon Darby-Jones

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Models are Reilee Cousins and Nikolas Santur. Photographer Shannon Darby-Jones has been greatly inspired by Grayson Perry’s book ‘The Descent of Man’ and has attempted to challenge stereotypes that society has embedded in us. What do you perceive to be a man? In collaboration with graduate designer Abbie Sparkes, who shares a very similar mind set. To challenge the default image we have of men, stereotypes are not conformed to in this story, as many have an out-dated, negative attitude to those who break the boundaries of ‘normal’, a dangerous word. These are the type of closed-minded individuals that Shannon enjoys challenging. Femininity in boys is a specific topic she has been experimenting with in the past three years, and feels she has found her niche. Styling by Lucy Bilcock.

Photography by Shannon Darby-Jones / Website: www.darbyjonesphotography.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/shannondarbyj

Models are Reilee Cousins (street cast) / Instagram: www.instagram.com/r3ilee

And Nikolas Santur (street cast) / Instagram: www.instagram.com/niikolassantur

Styled by Lucy Bilcock / Instagram: www.instagram.com/lucybilcock

Assisted by Lucy Roumayah / Instagram: www.instagram.com/lucyroumayah_


All Fashion Credits are by Abbie Sparkes- Graduate Collection 2017 / Instagram: www.instagram.com/abbie_sparkes

Each image’s clothing is all from Abbie Sparkes and any Jewellery is model’s own.