Let Them Eat Cake

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Skye Sobejko. Model and styling – Angelica Ranåsen. All fashion by Let Them Eat Cake Berlin and Derunder Vintage and ohminiiam. Skye Sobejko is a Berlin based freelance photographer, who was born in Perth, Australia. After finishing her degree in Photomedia and Graphic Design in 2009, her profession took her all over the world. Living in New York City in 2010, she began working and shooting for vintage store Amarcord, while also acting as first assistant to fashion photographer Michael Creagh. After a year she moved to Berlin where she kept on working in fashion photography, shooting look books for local designers. In 2014 her work was published in Sheet Magazine. Being as passionate about music as about fashion, she already had started shooting live music events in New York City and kept doing so in Berlin, where she soon became resident photographer for the KW Gallery’s FEED Soundspace. In 2015 she was back in Australia for one year, where she kept on working with local designers, but also covering The Blue Room Theatre’s events. She has now returned to work in Europe. In the last year she has worked in Northern Ireland for the interior design store Maven and independent florist Best Buds Belfast, she has worked as first assistant for the World Cancer Congress in Paris, and has continual work in events, marketing and fashion here in Berlin. Skye will keep on working with local artists and designers world-wide and is currently producing her own fashion spreads with Berlin based creatives.

Photography: Skye Sobejko instagram.com/skyesobejko
Performance / Styling: Angelica Ranåsen
Clothing: Let Them Eat Cake Berlin www.instagram.com/ltec_berlin & Derunder Vintage instagram.com/derunder
and ohminiiam instagram.com/oh_mini_i_am