Li-Ning and Way of Wade inaugurated a brand new website and e-commerce platform with the release of exclusive colorways and new Wade apparel. The second drop, an exclusive colorway for the Way of Wade 9 Infinity entitled ‘Moment’ in tribute to Dwayne’s child- hood and way to success, as well as, additional Wade apparel.


Way of Wade’s brand new website was inaugurated with a first launch of exclusive sneaker colorways and Wade apparel, exclusively available on the online shop.

In addition to offering exclusive products, retraces the story behind Mr. Li Ning encounter with NBA superstar Dwayne Wade from which resulted a sponsorship and close collaboration to develop the Way of Wade brand, established in 2012.

WOW9 Infinity ‘Moment’

The WOW 9 Infinity “Moment” is a celebration of youth. A celebration of dreams. The upper pattern, inspired by elements from Dwyane’s childhood, includes handwritten de- tails stating, “Light the Candles”, “Make a Wish”, “Happy Birthday my man!!! Flash”. The outsole is luminous, creating the atmosphere of turning off the lights and lighting candles to make a wish on your birthday.

Wade Apparel

Way of Wade will release two new ready-to-wear products. A t-shirt sharing some of the graphics from the exclusive WOW9 Infinity ‘Moment’ and a relax fit patchwork denim shirt.

This cotton T-shirt interprets Dwyane Wade’s childhood photos in a retro style that em- bodies imagination. The candle on the chest represents the theme of his birthday, the luminous patterns align with the sneakers, and the photo of Wade on the back is detach- able!

The stitching in this denim shirt shows fashionable personality that echo with the sneak- ers. This shirt contains different patterns such as discharge printing and washing. The embroidered candle on the back symbolizes Wade’s birthday theme, while the hook and loop straps reveal the owner’s identity.

Li-Ning and Way of Wade released on August 21ST 5 exclusive colorways for the WOW 9 Infinity, All City 9 and Fission 7, as well as, new Wade Apparel.