Liberation by Harmeet Singh Sana

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Harmeet Singh Sana is a Fashion, and Art Photographer based in Delhi, India. Model is Adarsh. This story is about expressing the liberation of thoughts, setting yourself free from all the cliche society norms on how to be a Man. “Freedom from limits of thought or behaviour, a man can be vulnerable, a man can dress up the way he wants a man can flaunt his feminine side too, etc. This story is a moment seeking equal rights and status”.


Photography by Harmeet Singh Sana / Instagram @Harmeetsinghsana
Styling by Sahil Gulati / Instagram @stylisttsahilgulati
Model is Adarsh signed at Purple Thoughts / Instagram @1madarsh / @purplethoughtsind
Wardrobe by Rishta by Arjun Saluja, Siddhartha Bansal, Mint Blush, Zara, Dmo dot, H&M