Like a dream by Acoidan Marrero

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sara Azaña. Creative direction and all fashion by Acoidan Marrero. 3D Artist is Claudia Hormaechea. Models are Enrico di Amore, Ana Torres, Nuria López, Lucia Palomino, Santi Amen.

“The editorial that I have made together with my team is related to the world of schizophrenia and its relationship with art, all represented in a capsule collection of five designs.

Each 3D scenario represents the imaginary world in which schizophrenics often feel, a world outside what we consider “normal”, from which they often try to escape, but feel trapped and have no alternative but to remain in the.”

Creative direction and designer: Acoidan Marrero @acoidanmarrero27
3D Artist: Claudia Hormaechea @claudia.hormaechea
Photography: Sara Azaña @sara.azaana
Retouch: Nuria López @lanutrialopez
Models:  Enrico di Amore @enricodiamore / Ana Torres @anita__corazon /
Nuria López @lanutrialopez / Lucia Palomino @_luxipuxi / Santi Amen @santi.amen
Makeup: Carlos Ladrón @carlosladron_
Styling assistant: Adrián Ruiz @adrian_ruizgomez
Photography assistant: Jun Zheng @i3junipero
Assistant: Laura León @lauraleon_p