LITKOVSKAYA presents Artisanal

A film and editorial about the creation of the ARTISANAL line by LITKOVSKAYA. The idea of the line is to channel the primal natural energy from the place all the fabrics are made, deep in the wild mountains, so that those who will be wearing the garments in the busy city life would feel the connection to the roots and always sense the human touch. @litkovskaya_official /

Memories at the Markmans: LITKOVSKAYA manifests intergenerational creativity in its new Artisanal lookbook

Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKAYA presents its latest lookbook for the Artisanal collection. This time the brand’s creative team derives pure inspiration from a hereditary home of two generations of Ukrainian artists – the Markmans. This family is recognized among art enthusiasts all around the world – for the father’s architecture, for his sons’ surreal artworks, for many years of creativity and exceptional work. In pursuit of poetry this year LITKOVSKAYA strives to see the beauty in everyday moments and in the circle of life, this time prying into the heart of inspiration – an artist’s home.

Artisanal, a demi-couture line, created from recycled materials, is a manifest of life and rebirth, a story of the eternal energy of creation, embodied into daring designs. Being put into the atmosphere of someone’s warmest memories, LITKOVSKAYA’s styles fit seamlessly into the vintage, long-preserved environment – combining modern shapes and timeless materials, these garments play with the concept of time itself. Artisanal combines multiple textures and styles, showing LITKOVSKAYA signature shapes in the best way possible: free from preconceptions, bold and masculine, traditional and rebellious all at once, these looks embody the brand’s spirit and unique aesthetics.

Just like a patchwork blanket, memories consist of numerous bright moments – and LITKOVSKAYA implements this strong metaphor into the Artisanal collection by rearranging vintage garments into brand new designs. The brand sticks to its philosophy, seeing no difference between new and old: for designer Lilia Litkovskaya, creativity is a wheel of Sansara, which shuffles emotions, ideas, energies and vision between generations. A sustainable way to express gratitude to the ancestors it is: once used and now given a second life, vintage fabrics and traditional «dorizhka» carpets become an ode to timelessness.