Now in its 13th edition, Ljubljana Fashionweek looks to the future whilst celebrating the past as the cosmopolitan capital honors the 150th anniversary of the birth of Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. A man who dared to boldly transform Ljubljana’s visage, something LJFW’s ambitious designers have in common as they strive to put Slovenian fashion on the map.

When trying to sum up this year’s roster of unconventional designers in Ljubljana, one word comes to mind and that word is evolution. As a returning visitor to LJFW, it is always a pleasure to witness designers pushing boundaries, tackling new themes, and showcasing personal growth. Say it with us, Na zdravje!

Petja Zorec for example, a fan favorite from our last LJFW excursion back in 2019, is now a textile professor exploring womenswear with intricate feminine detailing featuring prominently, utilizing Zorec’s trademark intelligent deconstruction of traditional menswear. Transforming Oxford shirts into intriguing dresses and re-imagined pencil skirts, breathing new life into predictable and traditional staples.

Whilst M-Fiction, created by sisters Mateja Lukač and Mia Aleksandra Lukač, gave us the Balenciaga meets Margiela meets Richard Quinn we never knew we needed as liquid textures ruched and rippled in all the right places as PVC and leather dominated the contrasting white runway.

Before Jan Brovč party monstered the shit out of us in a queer club-kid extravaganza we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Entitled ‘Liquid Endorphins’, electric neon colors, boisterous fabrics, clashing patterns, and aggressive textures based on extraterrestrial beings consumed us from the first look right down to the last. Toy guns, hazmat suits, facekinis, and all.

It wasn’t all loud and lascivious however as Ludus by Dragan Hristov presented a gender-neutral collection of minimalist, natural fabrics in a mainly monochromatic palette with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality. And Ana Jelinic reinterpreted sports luxe in an effortless contemporary futurism display featuring subtle chic elevation.

Sustainability also played a huge part via conscious brands Made In Anselma and Kiss The Future who presented restorative streetwear collections, re-purposing and recreating discarded garments and breathing new life in an ethical explosion of eye-catching vintage infused patchworks, Smurf prints, and enough gingham for a Wizard of Oz reboot. There’s no place like Ljubljana.

In 2019, we wrote that LJFW was cementing itself as a European platform for design and creativity, refusing to be ignored. A city packed with inspirers possessing an endless drive to be seen and heard. Not in a desperate or egotistical manner, rather an ambitious spirit found evident in the innovative and considerate designers making their presence known here. Finding inspiration in modernity, restoration, sustainability, witchcraft, and liquid endorphins, are all of the major ingredients for a new-age designer cocktail.

With over 40 designers showing from across Slovenia and beyond, LJFW demands our attention and is truly well deserving of commanding it. Until next time. Nasvidenje!


Words by Lewis Robert Cameron @lrcfashionstylist
Photography by Vid Svetina @vid_svetina
Video by David Lotrič Banović @david_lotrič_banović

Special thanks to Melinda Rebrek @melinda_rebrek

Andrea Varga, IdeaPR @I.deapr

LJFW @ljfw

 LJFW is an independent fashion platform run by the Zvreene Institute, a small group of creative individuals with one goal – to put Slovenian fashion on the map