Lola Coca reveals new video ‘Ego’ + Exclusive Photoshoot

Portsmouth underdog Lola Coca bowls through our speakers with an unapologetic stride, carrying her love for 90’s Hip-Hop and Ska along for the journey. London situated, the lyrically poignant Popstress has a way with words, simultaneously both playful, frank and nonchalant. Her smooth vocal tone spans between the goal posts of disinterest and a swan provoked. On her latest music video ‘Ego’, Lola explains that it’s about “…not being able to see your own big head. When your ego is sprinting in the height of fury or righteousness…. whatever – you can never recognise your own ego in the heat of the moment. There’s always a devil on your shoulder gassing you up, and I think that is shown in the performance of this video. I don’t think ego is a bad thing, I think it is a tool for survival, it can be useful. But when used for anything other than survival – we end up with a year like 2016.” Check out the video and an exclusive collection of images combined with illustrations below.



Lola on the images & illustrations
“Your ego is an amplified reality. It’s a tool but fundamentally, it’s your most predatory “you”. The caricature of yourself, if you will. I wanted the feel of the photo’s and illustrations to reflect this tension of what we can see about a person in reality, and what we can see about them beyond just their immediate reality. The series is about a confidence then amplified visually by something that doesn’t exist “in reality” but is present within a room or space. The best thing about the entire experience has been how close knit I run my operation. I keep a super small circle, of which over many dinners both ideas were discussed, and I’m just grateful we can all reap the reward of our creativity.”



Creative Direction & Photography: Cressie Taormina
Retouch: Sergi Melia
Art Work: Melly Wells
Photo Assist: Fil Efrem
Creative Assist: Luke Tierney
Styling: Candice Lo
Hair & makeup at Stella Creative Artists using Mac & Tigi Bedhead: Terri Capon
Nails: Nicky Rhodes Hill
Model: Nate Jus