LOS NINIOS! Photography by Chicletol

Cristobal wears H&M pants - Ducati cap - Louis Vuitton backpack Marcos wears Vintage Pants - Adidas cap - Supreme fanny pack Etnia Barcelona sunglasses Hosoi jockstraps

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Jordi Chicletol’s background on underground culture and his many hours spent in front of the TV as a child make him the Pop culture expert he nowadays is. He loves to mix styles in every little expression of his life, so he does with his visual projects. In this case, Jordi brings Cristobal and Marcos to a crazy frenzy between what’s serious and what’s not to laugh about the concepts of beauty, sexyness and sobriety. Britney’s 2007 breakdown and the 10-year-after tribute the Spanish designer Chema Diaz made about it, helped Chicletol to express the ways of perceiving those concepts. Thanks to the aesthetic sensitivity he has to make choices, the cuties Cristobal and Marcos are turned into real husband material of this 21st century: “Los Ninios”.

Marcos wears Fred Perry shirt
Cristobal wears Ralph Lauren shirt
Etnia sunglasses

Chema Diaz t shirts
Etnia Barcelona sunglasses
Hosoi jockstraps
New Era caps
Cristobal wears Nike sneakers
Marcos wears Balenciaga sneakers

Photography by Chicletol / www.thehotspot.es  / Instagram: @chicletol 

Models are

Cristobal @cristobalremu 

Marcos @markcohen 

Stylist: Maria Vitories – @mariavitores


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