Love is Love

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Zuzu Vall. Models are Stacy Michuki, Zia Knives Zohra and Roxanne Ireland. Styling by Daria Chez and Yal Keenan. Makeup by Bryanna Angel Ryder. Hair by Laura Chadwick.

A modern day version of Marie Antoinette. This story is about inclusivity and empowerment. Love has no boundaries. Inclusive and acceptance of the human being as they truly are, at the individual and societal level. The progress made through time with self-identity, confidence, and acceptance.

Zuzu Valla is based in Ashford, Kent, UK. She is originally from Slovakia. At the age of 38, she is on the verge of defining her very own and recognisable signature photography style, exploring multiple layers of distinct human beauty.
Zuzu was brought up in a traditional Slovak family, growing up in the last years of the strong communism regime and social transformation of Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia). Her father was a multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and her mother was a housewife raising her and her siblings in a small town. Zuzu’s grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting in black and white. Zuzu’s Grandmother used a special painting method to colour his photographs.

Zuzu started her interest in photography almost by accident in her late 20’s. After initial disappointments using a mobile phone camera, she reached for her first DSLR camera and she has never looked back. Photography began as her favourite hobby. Zuzu is excited about capturing the moments, where beauty, sadness and mystery come together. These photographs are creating her unique visual signature.

Photography by Zuzu Valla / @zuzu.valla
Model 1 is Stacy Michuki / @missmichuki
Signed at agency: @titaniummanagement
Model 2 is Zia Knives Zohra / @ghost.them
Signed at agency: @contact.models
Model 3 is Roxanne Ireland / @roxx._.xxanne
Signed at agency: @contact.models

Styling by: Daria Chez / @chez_style
Yal Keenan / @yalk_style

Makeup by Bryanna Angel Ryder / @bryanna_angel_mua
Hair by Laura Chadwick / @hairbylaurachadwick /

Clothes credit
Dress: Prangsta Costumiers @PrangstaCostumiers / Backpack: Love Moschino/
Trainers: Love Moschino/
Trainers : D.A.T.E @date_sneakers/
Trainers: MOA Masters of Art/
Necklace and Bolero: Prangsta Costumiers/ @PrangstaCostumiers/
Bralette: Calvin Klein @CalvinKlein/
Belt: Off-White/
Shorts: Superdry @Superdry/
Signature 8 @showroomsignature8/
Shin Pads: Nike @Nike/
Necklace: Rocalce/
Bralette: ASYOU @ASYOUlabel/
Adidas @adidas/
Blazer, dresses, bomber, and Skirt: Ana Ljubinkovic/ @ana_ljubinkovic & @i.deapr/
Boots: Dr Martens @DrMartensOfficial/
Choker: PinkPandaLoves/