LP Premiere: Sgrow – ‘Circumstance’

Sgrow consists of Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard, whose experimental electronic music is a new and exciting addition to the Norwegian electronica scene. The Oslo-based duo’s fondness for pop, club music and contemporary classic music forms the basis for an interesting and distinctive approach to sound processing and song structure. We’re excited to share an exclusive stream of Sgrow’s ethereal LP ‘Circumstance’, to be released November 11th.

Circumstance is a collection of songs that all revolve around themes of control or lack thereof, of fate and coincidence and of transformation. Circumstance is about finding oneself in situations that can be experienced as limiting or liberating, and how certain occurrences or circumstances can entirely change the course of one’s life or one’s perceptions.

– Sgrow
The November release, ‘Circumstance’, is the first installment in an album series by the same name that has been written and produced in different makeshift studios in Florence, Toronto, Oslo & Drøbak, over the course of a little over a year. The soundscape of ‘Circumstance’ has largely been shaped by the fact that Sgrow has been creating the music in so many different places and have been unable to bring their whole studio setup to each location. It has forced them to be creative and think differently with regards to sound creation and manipulation. At each location, Sgrow filled up the field recorder with different sounds to make up their own sample-based instruments. They also picked up some new instruments on their stays, like the small Eurorack system they purchased during the time in Toronto that has served as huge inspiration for ‘Feel Something’ and ‘Waves’. The vocals were recorded this summer in homely surroundings in Kristoffer’s parents’ small boathouse in the city of Drøbak.

You can pre-order ‘Circumstance’ here


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