LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK kick off October European tour with ‘The Game’

LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK release their collaborated single, ‘The Game’ to kick off their October European tour. After both acts released their debut albums causing an international sensation, they headed to the studio together and commemorated their progress and friendship. Luckily so, because it becomes totally clear how the sound and voices of both acts perfectly complement each other.

Contrary to what might be expected when female and male voices come together, this isn’t a duet in the classic sense: LUI and FYE don’t sing in two parts but rather alternate. The voices, as a result, sound as if they’re in a state of conversation, relating but never quite meeting one another. It’s reminiscent of a complicated dispute a cold conflict in which both seem frustrated and only speak past the other, never reaching a true understanding. Even so, they never completely lose contact and continually pick up the others melodies and phrases. FENNEK’s production offers an infrastructure to this track that offers some fluidity, while still introducing subtle new sequences to the ear. A strong break is made only shortly before the chorus-The game can change at any time and thus changes us.

In the accompanying music video for, ‘The Game,’ LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK brought more friends onboard. They filmed the entire video one night together in Berlin, offering yet another reflection of the element of friendship in this track and collaboration.

Tour dates: LUI HILL // FYE & FENNEK
10.10.2018 | Knuts | Witten (DE)
12.10.2018 | Ampere | Munich (DE)
13.10.2018 | Heimat | Regensburg (DE)
14.10.2018 | Cafe Galeo | Stuttgart (DE)
15.10.2018 | El Dorado | Zurich (CH)
16.10.2018 | Club Stereo | Nuremberg (DE)
17.10.2018 | MTC | Cologne (DE)
18.10.2018 | Unten | Kassel (DE)
19.10.2018 | Staatstheater | Darmstadt (DE)
20.10.2018 | Chelsea | Vienna (AT)
21.10.2018 | Groovestation | Dresden (DE)

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Artwork: Simon Hegenberg