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Luís Carvalho Fall/Winter 2019/20 – SURFACE

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT! Luís Carvalho presented his new F/W collection for the next winter season in Lisbon! The next cold season’s main reference is some of the work of the digital and “Collage” artist, Matthieu Bourel, that combines the traditional cut of paper and collage with the digital edition, digital animation and sound design.

His work results in illustration, graphic design and art installations. These references result in pieces with ruffles and different overlaid shapes with organic lines. www.luiscarvalho.net

Oversize silhouettes are created with straight lines in contrast to the details with organic shapes. The mix of colours and the different images of his work lead us to the materials, where chess and pied-poule prints are evident in several shades in materials such as wool, cotton, silk and cupro. The predominant colours are orange, beige, night blue, purple and strong pink.