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L’uomo by Nina Pilenko

Nina Pilenko is a russian photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Pilenko photography is a way of visual storytelling. “We were thinking to use the title “L’uomo” which means “a man” in Italian. I believe this title suits the concept of genderless beauty shoot. We chose Italian language for the title because our inspiration was classical European sculptures, which also defined the the choice of the model and “pure” white lightning as it could be in museums. Still we wanted to represent a vivid, on-time character that is why we decided to add a contemporary art-looking makeup.”

Photographer is Nina Pilenko
Instagram: @giftforjung
Makeup Artist is Anna Savickaya
Instagram: @annush_cat
Model is Edijs at Activa Model Management
Instagram: @edijsn 
Instagram: @activamgt