shawl by Dior Trotter chain by Comme des Garcons trausers by Bershka bag by Dior Trotter

Luxury lives in the finer details

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Hanna Kantor captured Victoria from Selective MGTM for us. Styled by Piotr Kwiecień. Hair and make up by Weronika Bancewicz.

Shawl by Dior Trotter
glasses by Versace MOD71
jacket by Zara
kidney bag by MISBHV

jacket by Zara
trausers by MCM
bag by Louis Vuitton
shoes by Skechers
jacket by Zara
trausers by Zara
top by Dior Trotter
shoes by ZARA

op by MISBHV
active shorts by MISBHV
shoes by Yeezy Season 7

Photographer: Hanna Kantor @haniakantor
Model: Victoria | Selective MGTM
MUA: Weronika Bancewicz @vermua
Stylist: Piotr Kwiecień @grandson_of_pope