MAJÈRE Spring/Summer 2025 – Unzucht

In the electric atmosphere of Berlin Fashion Week, MAJÈRE joined forces with the avant-garde queer-feminist production label Vproud.uction to showcase their thought-provoking collection “UNZUCHT” S/S25 at the storied Stadtbad Oderberger.

Inspired by the enigmatic brilliance of Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” “UNZUCHT” delves into the human propensity for sin and its afterlife repercussions. Bosch’s triptych, featuring the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Earthly Delights, and Hell, artistically narrates the ephemeral nature of earthly pleasures and the inevitable ramifications that follow. This masterpiece transcends time, offering a stark moral lesson on the dangers of succumbing to sensory temptations.

@berlinfashionwe & @platte
All photos by @rianonvran

Under the creative alchemy of Alawi Harris, Anaïs Fabricius, and Luis Steigleder, MAJÈRE gives this historic piece a contemporary reimagining. Their latest collection explores creation, disillusionment, and desire while challenging traditional religious and societal paradigms. Emphasizing sustainability, they repurpose natural materials from surplus stocks and second-hand treasures, creating a symbiotic coexistence between humanity, fauna, and flora. MAJÈRE, a Berlin-based slow fashion initiative, weaves emotions into textures and contrasts, forging a brand that tackles socially relevant issues through all-encompassing, sensory-rich narratives. Their designs blur the lines between costume and high fashion, transforming fabric into compelling stories that evoke profound emotional responses.

Vproud.uction is a beacon of change in the fashion landscape, led by the visionary Aline Vitoria Gellern. This queer-feminist and black-led production label is dedicated to propelling marginalized voices into the spotlight, seamlessly merging PR, advertising, and online and offline production. Their ethos revolves around setting sustainable milestones in diversity and inclusion while retaining the opulence and grandeur of haute couture. Vproud.uction is committed to elevating the beauty and fashion industries by nurturing and promoting projects from underrepresented groups, shaping a more inclusive future for all. @vproud.uction