Mali Keli – Mental Candy

#OneToWatch – Introducing Mali.Keli, a textile-based fashion brand that is all about acceptance, friendship and finding connectivity in diversity. Clothes are zero in waste – size – gender – colour – beliefs – orientations. Photography by Agnė Papievytė. Fashion, styling and make up by Mali Keli. Models are Laura Kromalcaitė, Ignius Cicėnas and Mindaugas. Text by Meilė Pečiulytė.

“True, zero waste is a modern part of us, but we encourage not to chase after a fashion, but discover your authentic style. Together with being in balance for nature and for your spirit. See, we understand how important it is to stretch and grow together, as human beings. As we become more connected to the world, we loose bonds with our true selves and other brothers and sisters around. However, we also know that everything begins in one’s heart and state of mind.

With our new ‘Mental Candy’ collection, we are inviting you to turn to the wellbeing of our minds and the Home we live in.”

I cannot remember for how long I stared into this mirror, being so afraid to look into your eyes. As dawn reached my bare feet, rising gently over my naked body, I felt the light raising my head up. For a split second, our eyes met. This moment, my heart tore into million pieces letting all this love in. Tears started to stream down, kissing the scars I hid so carefully. Quick shots of previous lives started to run through my eyes.

Is this Home? 

Fashion, styling and make up by Mali Keli / / Instagram: @mali.keli
Photography by Agnė Papievytė / Instagram: @appvt
Models are Laura Kromalcaitė / Instagram @kromalcaite
Ignius Cicėnas / Instagram @ign_jus
Text by Meilė Pečiulytė / Instagram: @meile_peciulyte