Marcel Ostertag S/S 22 – YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

#BerlinFashionWeek – We are in LOVE with the new Marcel Ostertag S/S 22 collection: YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE! The theme of the new Marcel Ostertag collection is a declaration of love and thanks at the same time to his mother Doris Ostertag. @marcelostertag /

Since Marcel´s childhood, she has encouraged and supported his creativity and his dreams of a sustainable fashion world. Just like his mother, Marcel Ostertag lives and loves fashion with great passion. You are my Sunshine – Just like the sun, the motif of the collection appears simple and yet complex.

The collection spreads relaxed happiness and transports us back to the color-intensive time of the seventies. Marcel’s colors also light up solar: yellow, pink, pink, blue, Curry. And just as the play of light and shadow belongs to the rays of the sun, white and black also play an important role in this collection.