Maroš Baran – NEO Lookbook

Designer Maroš Baran presents his NEO Lookbook. After living in 7 different countries, cultural glitch, clash and paradox are all that is on the mind of Maroš Baran. The project titled “NEO” is obviously, inspired by Matrix Trilogy. The project is nothing else than a paradox itself and searches for “new” aesthetics and visual transcriptions.

Project experiments with the idea of Superheros among us, dissect pop culture and adores cyberpunk. Instead of showcasing crisp “final” show looks, as designers usually do, NEO is a fragmented project consisting of various stages of design development stapled all together, duck-taped and burned on a DVD, ready for you to steal it from the gallery and give it to your boyfriend as an ideal Christmas gift this Winter. Maroš Baran remembers the beauty of the old times DVDs, containing bonus material, collects vintage sci-fi DVDs (even those which are not working anymore, but have a nice booklet) and with the project paraphrases the deadly VHS cassette from movie Ring, creating an object, which instead of killing you after 7 days, excites and makes one wanna live and to be a Hero (for someone else).

Technically 2 collection-project is going to be presented in Art Books Coffee Gallery, small cafe/library/gallery (also fragmented art-space itself) in the heart of Bratislava. Visitors of the gallery will be able to experience only the first part/collection of the project. The second one will be available only for the first 33 visitors, which will be encouraged to steal the interactive DVD discs from the gallery, containing the second part of the project, only to be seen in safe home quarantine during these dark C-19 times we live in.