Marsèll – Diomene – ph Piotr Niepsuj

There’s something truly magical about the act of creation – a spark of inspiration is transformed into something tactile and wearable before our very eyes. And no one understands this better than the creative minds behind Marsèll and Diomene.

These two innovative brands may seem like an unlikely pair at first glance, but they share a deep-seated commitment to breaking down established norms and expectations in fashion. For Marsèll, that has meant revolutionizing the world of footwear with bold, boundary-pushing designs that challenge traditional ideas of what shoes can be. And for Diomene, it means prioritizing ethical and aesthetic simplicity above all else.

What unites these two creators is their shared desire to place the individual at the very centre of the design process. By deconstructing and reimagining everyday objects, they invite us to explore and interact with the world around us in new and exciting ways.

And now, they’ve joined forces to produce a truly breathtaking collaboration: the timeless elegance of Marsèll’s slipper and lace-up models, reimagined with delicate floral embroidery from Diomene’s latest collection. These beautiful pieces are a celebration of the endless possibilities that come with working with fine materials, and a testament to the power of collaboration.

It’s rare to come across such a simple, straightforward approach to fashion – one that’s rooted in the fundamental variable of emotion. But with Marsèll and Diomene, there’s a real sense of magic at play. And the end result? Pieces that are as unique and captivating as the people who wear them.

MARSÈLL was founded in 2001 as the expression of a new craft culture. Shoes are the focus of a line of research devoted to pushing the boundaries of tradition, within the counterculture deconstruction movement. An exercise in pure creativity: a sketch is transformed into an accessory through the skilful and intelligent shaping of materials. The objective is the creation of timeless and iconic objects that speak to those unwilling to be bound by a specific genre. With intimate knowledge of the best raw materials, an eye for balancing different elements, and direct control over production, Marsèll has established its excellence worldwide.

The brand’s character is defined by the forms and finishes of its products—contrasting shades, raw cuts, and different textures—, all created in the in-house atelier. The use of innovative techniques alongside methods almost lost to memory results in unique nonindustrial objects, original and informal in both look and substance. Every piece is strictly handmade by the expert men and women at the Marsèll workshop in the Riviera del Brenta Area, near Venice, Italy. Knowledge and creativity are central to the brand’s values and, unsurprisingly, Marsèll has actively supported young artists since it was established, first through Marsèlleria—a project that reached its end in 2018— and then with Marsèll Paradise—which opened in 2016. The two multidisciplinary exhibition spaces have a core role within the brand communication strategy. For over a decade, the non-profit projects have produced exhibitions, performances, and different art ventures, honouring the utmost freedom of expression in its authenticity.

DAMIR DOMA is the founder and creative director of Diomene, and previously of the Damir Doma Brand. Born in Croatia, the designer grew up surrounded by toiles in his mother’s atelier in Germany and later studied fashion in Munich and Berlin, where he graduated in 2004. After gaining experience working for Antwerp designers Raf Simons and Dirk Schönberger, Damir Doma relocated to Paris and launched his eponymous menswear collection in 2007, followed by womenswear in 2010, gaining accolades for a thoughtful, soulful take on simplicity, the measured study of proportion and melange of textures drawing inspirations from the worlds of art and architecture.

In 2015 Doma moved operations to Milan, establishing closer links between design and production, highlighting research, high-quality materials and creative development, and showing collections within the Milanese calendar. Having put his own label on hold during Covid, in 2021 Damir Doma launched a new project: Diomene (a part of me), a reductionist exploration of a timeless wardrobe based on the idea that less is better and aiming at offering fluid tools for urban life and self-representation to both men and women, within a responsible mindset.

Marsèll – Diomene – ph Piotr Niepsuj