A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial starring Maša. Photography by Samantha Kandinsky. Hairstylist is Aska Kajtazović. Makeup by Lea Bole. Brands are Ponorelii, Ema Jagodic, H&M, Falame, Zara, Burberry, Topshop.

Photographer/ Creative Director: Samantha Kandinsky / Instagram: @samantha.kandinsky_official
Model is Maša / Instagram: @masamacka
Hair stylist is Aska Kajtazović / Instagram: @aska_kajtazovic
Makeup by Lea Bole / Instagram: @lea.bole

Brands are Ponorelii, Ema Jagodic, H&M, Falame, Zara, Burberry, Topshop.

Samantha Kandinsky is a young fashion photographer from Croatia, living and working in Ljubljana, where she graduated from the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering – Graphics and Media Technology department.

Growing up in a small Istrian town called Labin, she was deeply influenced by the working-class culture of the early post-communist era which reflects in her work till the present. Her artistic expression is very intense, combined with a variety of different approaches and techniques she uses to reveal herself in her photos. Her work covers a wide range of topics such as gender-fluid identities, artists personal. Her first mentor – Narcisa Adalgisa Skopac left quite a few significant marks in Samanthas work, one of the most important ones being heavy use of bright colours. Moving to a big, liberal, and vibrant city of Ljubljana helped her discover a wider world of gender-fluid identities which represents an important element in her work. Her art is filled with contrasts, unexpected twists and turns, with surprising outcomes and profound yet subtle story and a deeper meaning.

With this editorial photographer is experimenting with ways to escape the quarantine to come closer to people though change is inevitable.